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Well-BEEing in Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year is the festive gathering of every family. For farmers in northern part of China, before you can have a “good year”, you have to get through the long and bitterly cold winter.

As the most important water source to the Beijing city, Miyun Reservoir has been listed as a first-class conservation area, where animal husbandry is strictly prohibited. Heifer has been running projects in Miyun’s remote areas since 2002 and has so far assisted 1,130 recipient families through raising Asian honeybee. They saw a steady increase in income year by year. This project not only aims to improve the recipients’ livelihood, but also to save the endangered Asian honeybees. However, the path of beekeeping is very arduous. Failure to keep the honeybees warm before winter came will result in the death of some of them. Honey-harvesting takes place once a year only, and a hive of Asian bees merely produces 10kg of honey. The beekeepers never take more than half of the honey combs in order to ensure the honey they produce next year is from authentic nectar. How do the beekeepers change their life? What are the challenges encountered in the process?

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