Other Fundraising Ideas

Do Something Today. Change Someone’s Life Forever!

There’s something for everyone: just pick an idea to raise some life-changing cash to support Heifer’s program in rural China.

Individual Support

  • Organize a party or dinner event. Sell tickets and donate proceeds to Heifer Hong Kong.
  • Encourage friends and family to donate their gift money to Heifer Hong Kong on special occasions, e.g. birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.
  • Organize a fundraising campaign aiming to purchase a gift animal on your social media platforms.
  • Get people to sponsor you to quit smoking or chocolate, take the stairs instead of the lift or lose weight.
  • Help distribute Heifer Hong Kong’s monthly donation program leaflets.

Corporate Support

Corporate Partnership:

Heifer’s mission cannot be accomplished alone as through collaboration, alliance and support of like-minded, well-respected corporations. Unlike a sponsorship or a donation, our mutually-beneficial marketing partnerships are designed to support business-building objectives and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, establishing a positive image for the corporate involved while Heifer gains increased awareness and funding.

Examples of partnership:

  • Support/donate to specific project
  • Matching fund (staff / donors)
  • Donation box placement (e.g. retail outlets)
  • Gather donations from customers  – cause marketing–Charity sale : Donation of certain % of revenue/ certain dollars for each transaction–Donation of credit card bonus points

Staff Engagement:

  • Organize a lunchtime fun run – get sponsored per 100m or for doing it in fancy dress!
  • Use the money you would have spent on gifts and cards for your clients to donate to Heifer Hong Kong in their honor on festive occasions.
  • Organize a “Guess the Pet” competition. Everyone brings a picture of their pet and posts it anonymously on the intranet or office wall. Participants pay HK$30 to match as many pets to their owners as possible. The person with the most correct answers will win a prize, e.g. half-day holiday.
  • Organize an inter-company or inter-department football/ basketball/ tennis competition as a bonding activity and donate entry fees to Heifer Hong Kong.
  • Invite your colleagues to buy gift animals for an impoverished family in Heifer project in rural China. Also see if your company will match employees’ donations to double the money.