Heifer “Black & White” Hero Dress-Up Day


Call for the Heifer “Black&White” Hero Dress-Up Day!

Dress in White, Black or Cow-like! Be an Anti-Poverty Hero to Save the Day!

With the mission of helping impoverished families become self-reliant in mainland China, Heifer is going to organize the very first “Heifer Black & White Hero DressUp Day” on 29th June, 2018.  We would like to invite all students in Hong Kong to join and become the Heifer Hero to save the day – simply wear clothes in black, white or cow-like on that day.  By doing so, we aim to raise the awareness and bring hope to needy families in rural China.

Despite the rapid development of China, poverty is still a grave issue in remote regions.  According to the government’s figures, there are still 43 million people who earn less than 2,300 yuan annually.  In the past 30 years, Heifer has lifted over 130 million rural Chinese families out of poverty, by providing them with livestock and training, and assisting them in setting up cooperatives and enterprises.  The unique practice of “Passing on the Gift” where recipients pass on the livestock’s offspring, or an equivalent of the initial grant for livestock purchase, to another needy families along with the skills and knowledge learnt.  This is proved effective in boosting the farmers’ confidence while multiplying Heifer’s impact.

We are now calling for ALL teachers and students in Hong Kong to join the Hero Dress-Up Day!  Let’s join hands to support the Yi people from Sichuan’s Liangshan in transforming their lives.

Event Details


Date – 29th June, 2018 (Friday)

(or any school day between February to July 2018)



Resources Download (to be updated)

Enrollment Form                 Event Guideline

Poster                         Sample Letter to Parents

Result Summary Form                 Donation Record


Donate HK$20* to wear clothes in black or white or to dress up like a cow to school on the event day

*Extra donations are welcomed to help MORE families become self-reliant.


Dedicated Hero Awards – specially-designed Heifer school plague for

  • Top Participating School with highest no. of participants
  • Top Fundraising School with largest amount of donations

Inspiring Hero Dress-up Award (3 winners) – handsome gift pack

For enquiry, please contact us at (852) 2368 0223 or email to [email protected].