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Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2014-15

Reading for Empathy Reading Against Poverty




Heifer HK is pleased to invite all Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools in Hong Kong to join the Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2014-15, an educational fund-raising program that fosters a love of reading in students while empowering them to make a difference in rural China. HSBC, our key supporting organization of the program for the past four years, will also be supporting the program this year. We are also supported by HK Education City, HK Aided Primary School Heads Association and Subsidized Primary School Council. (Program Details)


Free Resources & Awards

Heifer will provide participating schools with a range of free resources, including brand new Heifer English storybook and fun worksheets. We can also arrange a Read to Feed School Talk upon request. In addition, certificates, gifts and animal stickers will be awarded to students as a form of encouragement. (More...)


Use of Donations

Funds raised through Read to Feed 2014-15 will be channeled into the "Hubei Macheng Holistic Development Project" and the "Hubei Qichun Holistic Development Project" for the Low-income Families in Dabieshan Area of Hubei, which aims to help 1,560 and 1,800 impoverished families respectively. (More...)


Star Caring School Reward Scheme

As a mark of our gratitude to our school partners, we will once again run the Star Caring School Reward Scheme. According to the accumulated number of participating years or donations collected, schools can opt to receive a series of meaningful activities so as to enrich students' multi learning experiences.


To join this rewarding program, please complete and return the Enrollment Form by fax at 2368 0217 on or before 31st October, 2014 (Fri). For any inquiries, you are welcome to contact Ms Amy Liu at 2368 0223 or by email: rtf@heiferhk.org.hk.



Read to Feed 2014/15 Program Details

Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools in Hong Kong
Fosters a love of reading in students while empowering them to make a difference in rural China, nurturing them to be the future leader by taking responsibility to the society and the world.
Any one-month period within the school year. We suggest incorporating into existing reading or other service learning program
BooksDepends on students' interest and level

Students invite sponsorship (no minimum amount required) from family and friends based on:

  1. number of books read (e.g. read 10 books x $10 per book = $100); or
  2. a fixed amount
Use of funds

Donations will be used to help 1,560 impoverished families in Macheng Counties and 1,800 impoverished families in Qichun Counties, both located in China, Hubei province. These counties are classified as poverty-stricken with an average net annual income per person of just RMB6,000. This area is sparsely populated with poor transportation links and infrastructure. Also there are few opportunities for growth in commercial, industrial or even agricultural fields in both areas. Many villagers can no longer work the land and have been forced to look for odd jobs but their income is barely enough to feed themselves.


How can Heifer help?

• Provide livestock as well as training in animal husbandry and capacity building to help farmers establish a good livelihood;

• Help farmers develop self-help groups to resolve community issues, as well as improve market access for their agricultural products, so that needy families become self-reliant and achieve sustainable development in the long run;

• When recipient families become better off, they will "Pass on the Gift" as well as skills and knowledge learned. This will set off a multiplier effect, benefiting many more families.

Matching fund

Donations raised by local schools (international schools excluded) will be matched by HSBC meaning more poor families benefit


  • Storybooks on how we are helping rural families **
  • Powerpoints and videos about Heifer and Read to Feed
  • Read to Feed Posters and Leaflets (including donation forms and project information)
  • "Read Animal Magic" leaflet
  • Leader's Guide with reading activity ideas / fun worksheets
  • Letter to Parents
  • Reading Record
**Schools that are joining the program for the first time will receive four specific free books, those that are previous participants will receive one specific free copy. Extra copies can be ordered from Heifer.

Resource Request Form
Download Leader's Guide and Worksheets http://www.heiferhk.org/filemanager/

Student awards & School Report
  • Top Reader and Top Fundraiser of each class ─ Certificate and gift
  • Top Reading Class and Top Fundraising Class of each form ─ Certificate and gift
All participants will be given a certificate to show they took part and a set of animal stickers, while the schools will be given a thank you plaque and a report on the program.
Receipts for tax deduction

Receipts for tax deduction will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above upon request marked on the donation form.


Download Area

  1. Enrollment Form (Schools)
  2. Enrollment Form Individual (English / Chinese)
  3. Sponsorship Form Individual (English/ Chinese)
  4. Reading Record (English / Chinese)
  5. Heifer Books Order Form
  6. Heifer HK Annual  Report (2012- 2013)

  7. 2015.03 Heifer Newsletter


For participant schools only:

  1. Leader's Guide
  2. Fun Worksheets
  3. Read to Feed Certificates
  4. Resource Request Form
  5. Parent's Letter
  6. Result Summary Form
  7. Evaluation Form
  8. Star Caring Programs Detail


(Password written at leader's guide)


Heifer School Program Committee
Chairman: Peter Lam

Member: Principal Dennis KW Chan, Principal Gloria SC Leung, Principal Maria WS Lam, Principal Tai Hay Lap, BBS, JP, Principal Agnes YW Wai, Wai Wai Ying


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Supporting Organizations:

香港資助小學校長會 津貼小學議會

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Special thanks to Lead Pacific Limited for sponsoring 3 poverty workshops for 2 Read to Feed participating schools who awarded the Star Caring School Award.

Please give a hand to fight poverty !