Heifer Hong Kong

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Race to Feed 2016 Enrollment is OPEN

Race to Feed 2016 enrollment is OPEN. Join us before 16/9 to enjoy our early bird offer! Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.

Heifer Summer Activity “Hebei Project Visit 2016”

We sincerely invite you to join our "Heifer Hebei Project Visit 2016" in August, for a memorable and meaningful summer. Enroll now to see firsthand how your donation has helped lift project families out of poverty.

New Directions for Read to Feed

The new Read to Feed website has been launched in September 2015.

Heifer Showcases Eco-farm Produce at Special Fair

Many people are concerned about food safety in recent years and have become very interested in organic food. Heifer China recently held a special fair to showcase eco-farm produce at the National Research and Demonstration Station for Precision Agriculture at Changping District, Beijing.

Day Camp on Village Life

On November 22, Moo Moo Young Partners took part in a day camp on village life at Fu Qin Pitaya Organic Farm in Sheung Shui. Although the children were tired out by all their hard work, they got to spend the day in nature, and feel what it was like to live on a farm. it is a precious experience for all!

Double Happiness: the Joy of Giving at a Wedding

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Wong Ting Chung, Vice Chair of Heifer HK’s Fundraising Committee, his daughter Teresa and son-in-law Jason for donating their wedding gift monies totalling HK$1 million to Heifer.  Mr. Wong and Teresa had visited Heifer China’s Guizhou project and wanted to share their joy and and blessings with the less fortunate at this joyous occasion.

Heifer “Race to Feed 2015” are all full, Thanks for your greatest support!

Due to the popular demand of early bird enrollment, Individual “10K Run”& Family “3K Fun Run” are all full, Thanks for your greatest support!

Heifer Moo Moo Young Partner Program 2015-16

Sign up on or before 31 Oct, 2015 as the Founding Members of our brand new initiative, the"Heifer Moo Moo Young Partner Program" and you will have your annual membership fee of HK$120 waived for the first year. A wide range of fun and meaningful events will be organized for members starting this summer. To sign up, please fill in the online "Members Registration Form" (click here).

Heifer Read to Feed Recognition Ceremony 2015

Since 2002, Heifer HK has been launching the reading and fundraising program "Read to Feed" with the long standing support from local and international schools. To acknowledge our dedicated school partners, sponsors and authors, and to showcase the program's impact, Heifer HK organized the "Heifer Read to Feed Recongition Ceremony 2015" at Ying Wa Primary School on 15th April. Our Chairman, Mr. Antony Leung, and three of our young recipients from the Mainland were invited to join the luncheon, as well as sharing their life stories with guests and students.

Heifer X Butao Ramen- “Heifer King” Charity Sale now on!

Inspired by the vegetable noodles prepared by a Heifer project family during his visit to rural Anhui with Heifer last year, Mr. Chandler Tang, founder of Butao Ramen, is launching "Heifer King" Ramen, to raise funds for Heifer Hong Kong. Proceeds go to support a Heifer's poverty alleviation project in Anhui.