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【Heifer Hong Kong has launched a new short film “Match Making”】

Storyline: Four farmers try their best to win the heart of “Sweetie Heifer ”. Who would be the lucky guy? Check out this alternative love story featuring Heifer Hong Kong’s Chairman, Antony Leung and share it with your friends now to support Heifer. Thank you! :)

Enroll Now to “Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2014-15

As we enter the new school year, Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2014-15 has been launched. Welcome all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools on board, to fosters a love of reading in students while empowering them to make a difference in rural China. Funds collected this year will be used to assist 1,560 impoverished families in Macheng and 1,800 impoverished families in Qichun, Hubei.

Heifer Now On Three Online Fundraising Platforms

Living in a world with rapid technological development, we have seen increasing use of online fundraising platforms. In order to facilitate both local and overseas supporters, Heifer Hong Kong is now on three online fundraising platforms, making it more convenient and efficient for you to donate through internet or handhold devices !

Heifer HK Donor Survey

To help us improve our work, Heifer regularly conducts surveys and phone interviews with our donors to review Heifer's work. In early 2014, our survey received close to 100 donors' feedback, we would like to share with you the summary of the key findings.

Heifer’s CEO Live Below The Line Challenge

For the first time, Heifer International has joined the Global Poverty Project's "Live Below the Line campaign". The campaign, which seeks to increase awareness of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty and also to raise funds, asks participants to eat and drink on just $1.50 (around HKD12) a day - the international poverty line - for five days. Heifer's president and CEO, Pierre Ferrari has signed on to participate. Let's check out Pierre's "below the line" experience.

“Fund Raising Cycling 2015” by Simon K.Y. LEE of HKUSU

Have you ever thought of cycling around Hong Kong Island for a good cause? Organized by Simon K.Y. LEE of HKUSU, "Fund Raising Cycling 2015" aims to raise funds for Heifer HK to help the impoverished families in Qichun County in Hubei, and to arouse public attention on charity, as well as to engage university students in community services. The Event will be held in January 2015, with the slogan of "Strive and Ride, Stride for Life". Enrollment will soon start in October 2014.

Sharing about Heifer’s Donor Study Tour to Hebei

On Jun 21, 2014, twenty monthly donors in Hong Kong joined Heifer's study tour to Hebei to have a four-day visit to two Heifer projects located in Dalinggou Village, Yixian, and Shuishitang Village, Laiyuan. Through a variety of activities, donors were fascinated by the many positive transformations Heifer have brought about to the project families and the entire community. Our heartfelt thanks to those donors, for their encouragements to our project families during the trip!

“Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2013-14 – Fun Reading Day” On-site Donation – Independent Assurance Report

Organized by Heifer and co-organized by HK Education City, the "Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2013-14 - Fun Reading Day" event was held on Apr 12-13, 2014, and raised HK$26,903.52 for Heifer. Li, Tang, Chen & Co. was appointed to provide an independent assurance report on the income and expenditure account for the on-site donation of the event.

“Windsor House 2014 Calendar Redemption Program” On-site Donation – Independent Assurance Report

"Windsor House 2014 Calendar Redemption Program" is an event organized by Windsor House, was held on Nov 9, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014. Heifer International Hong Kong is the beneficiary of the event. Li, Tang, Chen & Co. was appointed to provide an independent assurance report on the income and expenditure account for the on-site donation of the event.

You Don't Have to Be Bill Gates to Help End Hunger

What would you do if Bill Gates were your secret Santa? A Reddit (a social news and entertainment website) user got the surprise of her life when she opened up the gift from her Reddit Secret Santa and discovered it was a cow donated in her name by the one and only Bill Gates.