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You Don't Have to Be Bill Gates to Help End Hunger

What would you do if Bill Gates were your secret Santa? A Reddit (a social news and entertainment website) user got the surprise of her life when she opened up the gift from her Reddit Secret Santa and discovered it was a cow donated in her name by the one and only Bill Gates.

Donating Heifer-HK to Redeem a Windsor House 2014 Calendar

Special thanks to Windsor House for naming Heifer Hong Kong the beneficiary of their X'mas campaign. From Nov 9, 2013 to Jan 1, 2014, customers can redeem a "Windsor House 2014 Calendar" (3,000 pieces available) when spending $500 or above in Windsor House with $10 or above donation to Heifer HK.

Heifer-HK website is nominated in Meritorious Website Contest organized by Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration

Heifer always wish to keep our supporters posted about the progress of Heifer's poverty alleviation projects and other activities. Our official website is an important channel to help us achieve it. Your vote can push Heifer- HK website into final top 10!

“Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2012-13 – Fun Reading Day” On-site Donation – Independent Assurance Report

Organized by Heifer and co-organized by HK Education City, the "Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed 2012-13 - Fun Reading Day" event was held on Apr 20, 2013, and raised $9,487.5 for Heifer. Li, Tang, Chen & Co. was appointed to provide an independent assurance report on the income and expenditure account for the on-site donation of the event.

“Lamborghini 50x The Link x Cowparade at Stanley Plaza 2013” On-site Donation – Independent Assurance Report

"Lamborghini 50x The Link x Cowparade at Stanley Plaza 2013" is an event organized by Lamborghini , The Link and Cowparade, was held on Apr 27, 2013. Heifer International Hong Kong is the beneficiary of the event. Li, Tang, Chen & Co. was appointed to provide an independent assurance report on the income and expenditure account for the on-site donation of the event.

Celebrity Chefs’ Summer Slim Slam

If you are planning to go on a diet to get ready for the scorching summer, you should check out the charity summer slim slam of Harlan Goldstein and Alvin Leung, two Hong Kong Michelin chefs. As well as getting yourself fit, you can also help rural families lift themselves out of poverty, making this summer a healthier and more meaningful one!

Heifer Products Available at “Beecrazy”

There is now one more easy way to buy Heifer quality products. Great gifts such as Heifer mascot toy cow, HeiHei, Heifer hoodie, and livestock donations, are now all available at the online store "Beecrazy". Next time you're in the mood for shopping online, please have a look at our products. Don't forget shopping can also be about charity! Happy Shopping!

Fundraising Initiative by Supporter

Two Heifer supporters, Christopher and Sharon, chose to help Heifer as they were stepping into a new stage of their lives by donating part of their wedding gift money to us.

Don't underestimate your ability and how much every little bit of your support can help people. Simply using your creativity all of us have the ability to help Heifer.

Heifer International Awarded Kiwanis World Service Medal

Heifer International has joined the ranks of Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn and First Ladies Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter as a recipient of the Kiwanis International World Service Medal. Kiwanis International was founded in 1915 in Detroit. In 1919, the organization started its focus to service and helping children and families in the community.

Carrie Chau "Love. Share e-Gallery"

Renowned local artist Miss Carrie Chau, has been keen supporter of Heifer Hong Kong. Since 2009, Carrie has made an annual trip to visit Heifer's recipient communites in rural China. Inspired by these visits, Carrie created some wonderful art pieces for Heifer Hong Kong. This e-gallery is a collection of all Carrie's works for Heifer Hong Kong and other paintings with the theme of "LOVE".